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IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.12 Chargeback and Consumer Reports: How much storage was really eaten?

By Archive User posted Wed November 30, 2016 05:26 AM


Originally posted by: PatrickLeahy

If you remember the tale, Goldilocks took only a few mouthfuls of Papa Bear's and Mama Bear's porridge, but she licked Baby Bear's bowl clean. If the Bear family were running a restaurant, how much would they charge Goldilocks? Would they charge her for the porridge that she ate or would they charge her for the three bowls of porridge?

In IBM® Spectrum Control5.2.12, when you create chargeback and consumer reports, you can charge for the block storage that is allocated to the storage consumer or the block storage that is assigned to the storage consumer.


For example, a DB application uses two storage volumes: one 10 GiB regular volume and one 20 GiB thin-provisioned volume. The thin-provisioned volume is allocated storage in increments of 4 GiB. When the report is generated, the thin-provisioned volume has 8 GiB of storage.

If you want to pass on the savings gained by using space-efficient volumes to the owner of the storage consumer, you calculate the allocated capacity and charge for the allocated capacity, which is 18 GiB. If you don't, you calculate the assigned capacity and charge for the assigned capacity, which is 30 GiB.

In IBM Spectrum Control 5.2.12, it's up to you how you want to charge for the storage that storage consumers use.


To learn more, go to IBM Spectrum Control documentation and IBM Spectrum Storage Suite.


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