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Storage Insights for Spectrum Control

By Archive User posted Tue April 23, 2019 09:04 PM


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Lloyd DeanLloyd Dean
IBM Senior Certified Executive IT Architect

Well, it's Tuesday again, and you know what that means? IBM Announcements!

Today I want to write about a very recent enhancement for IBM storage clients. This announcement was specific to all IBM Storage clients using IBM Spectrum Control.

IBM recently announced a new solution for existing Spectrum Control clients to obtain a cloud based version and get even more value from their Spectrum Control investment. Whether you have Spectrum Control Standard, Advanced, Select or Virtual Storage Center all versions are covered under this new solution.

In this new solution for existing clients of Spectrum Control, they are entitled to this new solution using existing Spectrum Control licensed capacity. This new solution which is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is titled Storage Insights for Spectrum Control. For current Spectrum Control clients this new solution is provided with no additional costs.

Since the release of Storage Insights & Storage Insights Pro existing clients with Spectrum Control have asked for a similar cloud based option. Today we have that option.

Full details on what is provided In the IBM Storage Insights for Spectrum Control solution can be obtained at [ Storage Insights for Spectrum Control Knowledge Center]

I have provided in the following table a review by version of the features available with this new announcement to the Spectrum Control family of solutions.


Spectrum Control family comparison
FeaturesStorage InsightsStorage Insights ProSpectrum Control StandardSpectrum Control AdvancedSpectrum Control with SI for Control
Cloud PortalYYNNY
Supported Storage DevicesIBM Block StorageBlock, File, ObjectBlock, File, ObjectBlock, File, ObjectBlock, File, Object
Agentless Servers (automatically managed) / Storage Resource Agents SaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Other devices: Non-IBM storage devices, VMWare, SAN Switches SaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Asset management (Type, model, serial number, firmware)SaaSSaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Support management: Ticket creation / log uploadSaaSSaaS  Cloud
Capacity Management SaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Health (show status of entity) direct / call homeSaaSSaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Alerting (send mesg to user) status / thresholds / eMail / SNMP / scripts SaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Storage / Fabric Performance and Error Reporting SaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Performance Interval, retention5 min, 24 hour5 min, 1 year1min, customizable1 min, customizableOn premises / Cloud
Provisoning using Service Classes & Capacity Pools with automatic zoning  On PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises
Reclamation analysis of unused volumes SaaS On PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Service Management (Chargeback & Consumer reports) SaaS On PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Rollup Reporting   On PremisesOn Premises*Advanced
Custom Reporting: GUI / API SaaSOn PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises / Cloud
Tiering support across pools Capacity Planning Recommend and ImplementOn Premises / Cloud
Balance workload across pools   On PremisesOn Premises*Advanced
Volume Transformation   On PremisesOn Premises*Advanced
User ManagementL Active DIrectory/LDAP integration  On PremisesOn PremisesOn Premises
Cloud portal SLA SaaS   

If your existing Spectrum Control instance is providing your requirements then consider Storage Insights for Spectrum Control for the added value of enhance IBM Storage Support, and constantly getting access to the latest features of Storage Insights for Spectrum Control without any of the maintenance or upgrade activities.

Whatever reason you may need to reach out to IBM Storage Support, with IBM Support having immediate access to your storage configuration details will reduce the time and your teams effort to get a resolution or recommendation from IBM on how to proceed.