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IBM foils plot to assassinate mainframe VTL's

By Archive User posted Tue February 19, 2019 10:14 PM

In a February 18, 2019, Blocks & Files article, Model9 reveals a plot to murder mainframe VTLs. Unbeknownst to Model9, IBM was aware of the ruse.

There is a reason why IBM has been the leader in mainframe back end storage for over 50 years. Understanding the market, listening to their customers, researching the best technologies and reinventing themselves only begins to scratch the surface. Leave no doubt, IBM is king in this realm.

IBM has also become one of the top leaders in cloud technology; rolling out cloud throughout all of their portfolio which includes storage. VTLs are no exception.

In 2018, the IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine introduced Cloud Storage Tier which allowed for movement of virtual tape volume data to an Amazon S3 or IBM Cloud Object Storage. Users now have a choice to further offload their data to either physical tape or object storage whether on or off premise.

To add to this "goodness", IBM has also introduced a testbed to move mainframe archive and backup data, in the form of objects, directly from primary storage to a VTL. The results were astounding showing more than 2X performance compared to any other object storage solution tested. This brassboard feature has since become highly sought, with users requesting this VTL object solution over any existing traditional object storage.

IBM has more up their sleeve so stay tuned as the plot thickens…