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The New TS1160 Tape Drive

By Archive User posted Wed January 02, 2019 05:52 PM


The 3592 Model 60F/60G are the follow-on product in the 3592 Enterprise Tape Drive family. It offers improvements in capacity, performance and function.

The TS1160 tape drive is a new product designed for Open systems backup and archive applications as IBM Power System and other open systems servers running MS Windows, Linux, IBMi, IBM OS/400. This is the 7th generation of the enterprise product roadmap. The TS1160 drive is a high-performance, high-capacity tape drive. The drive records data using a linear serpentine recording format on half-inch tape housed within a cartridge.

The data tracks are located using preformatted servo tracks. The TS1160 is essentially double density version of IBM’s TS1150 product. TS1160 can store 2x as much data (20TB) to a JE tape cartridge without compression.

TS1160 will also be able to read and write JD at J5A-17TB and J5-10TB, JC at J5-7TB formats, and read only J4-4TB formats. The TS1160 tape drive will support write once read many (WORM) operation on WORM cartridge types, and also economy cartridges. The TS1160 tape drive will support Encryption capability, It utilizes AES-256 standards based strong symmetric data encryption with GCM formatting. It performs the encryption after host data is received and compressed and thus does not alter the compression ratio of incoming data. Encryption is done at full line speed in hardware in the tape device with no impact on throughput performance. During write operations, it automatically decrypts after encrypting to provide on-the-fly checking that data is in fact encrypted correctly. As a built-in feature in the tape drive, the customer bears no additional cost nor additional external equipment reliability and maintenance impacts to implement the data encryption capability as would be required for external solutions.

The new IBM TS1160 tape drive have new features including a new dataflow ASIC which enables higher data rates at 400 MB/s for native, and 900 MB/s for compression data rates, 30% higher compression data rate than TS1155/TS1150/TS1140 tape drives. It also supports a new JE data format which enables loner C2 ECC and iterative decoding which effectively is a SNR uplift for better data reliability. Also, supports double the FC host data rate of FC-16Gb which is double than TS1155/TS1150/TS1140 FC-8Gb. In addition it has new write driver ASIC to supports higher data rates. It is the 2nd generation of TMR head technology with improved features. The deck mechanics have been improved with spring load rollers with new lubricant to improve track following performance, and also the locate speed has been improved by 50% to 18 m/s. The JE media feature new higher Hc perpendicularly oriented BaFe media with thinner underlayer supporting longer tape. As previous generations, the TS1160 supports ROA ( recommended order access ).

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