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Whats new in IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) Version 5.3.1 and

By Archive User posted Thu October 04, 2018 08:47 AM

There have been multiple exciting features in 5.3.1 and

These releases are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4 and Spectrum Scale 5.0.1

ESS comes in a range of models tailored to address customers’ storage requirements. This includes newly introduced hybrid models that offer both SSD and hard drive storage within a single chassis, offering a blend of performance and capacity.

Hybrid enclosures comprise of four or two enclosures containing only hard disk drives (HDDs) and one or two enclosures of only solid state drives (SSDs).

The new hybrid enclosure models introduced in 5.3.1 are
GH14S -- 1 2U24 (SSD) and 4 5U84 (HDD) enclosures
GH24S -- 2 2U24 (SSD) and 4 5U84 (HDD) enclosures introduced support for another hybrid model:
GH12S -- 1 2U24 (SSD) and 2 5U84 (HDD) enclosures

More information about hybrid enclosures and their cabling diagram can be found here: Hybrid enclosure information
For information about 2U24 and 5U84 enclosures, see IBM ESS Expansion documentation.

Another interesting feature is the support for software callhome in ESS deployment. The software call home feature collects files, logs, traces, and details of certain system health events from different nodes and services in the ESS cluster. Check here for more information about configuring callhome in ESS.

This release also has an addition of Deployment Type in gssdeploy.cfg (Adding building blocks uses the new ADD_BBoption)

This release also introduced a new management interface called mmvdisk.
The mmvdisk command provides a unified conceptual framework that simplifies many of the more complicated aspects of IBM Spectrum Scale™ RAID administration. The mmvdisk command enforces and encourages IBM Spectrum Scale RAID best practices. For more information regarding mmvdisk, see mmvdisk information

Another recent development that maintains the ESS track record of continuous improvement to meet and exceed customers’ expectation is the introduction of an improved and easier process for buying and installing ESS protocol nodes. ESS allows adding protocol nodes(providing CES services) to an Spectrum Scale cluster containing ESS building block.
The following protocol node configurations are currently supported.
Configuration 1: 5148-22L protocol nodes ordered and racked with a new 5148 ESS (PPC64LE)
Configuration 2: 5148-22L protocol nodes ordered standalone and added to an existing 5148 ESS (PPC64LE)
More information about protocol nodes can be found here: Protocol Node Information

The core components included in this release are:
• Supported architectures: PPC64BE and PPC64LE
• IBM Spectrum Scale™:
• xCAT: 2.13.14
• HMC: 860 SP2
• System firmware: SV860_138 (FW860.42)
• Red Hat Enterprise Linux: 7.4 (PPC64BE and PPC64LE)
• Kernel: 3.10.0-693.35.1.el7
• Systemd: 219-42.el7_4.11
• Network Manager: 1.8.0-12.el7_4
• OFED2 (Packaged to support Mellanox CX-2 adapter): MLNX_OFED_LINUX-4.1-
• IPR: 18518200
• ESA: 4.3.0-4

More detailed information regarding this release can be found here: ESS 5.3.1
ESS 5.3.1 Known Issues