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HPC storage on AWS (IBM Spectrum Scale)

By Archive User posted Tue October 02, 2018 09:10 AM

AWS is a great place for those, who hug their workloads not servers. But there was always a challenge for applications when it comes to find the right fit filesystem in the cloud which can scale up as their workloads grow. IBM Spectrum Scale™ addresses the needs of such applications for which performance or performance-to-capacity ratio demands cannot be met by traditional scale-up storage systems. Already a leader in data throughput, scalability and latency, IBM Spectrum Scale has been developed to deliver a file system for the fastest supercomputer in the world (Summit) - one that was purpose-built for AI workloads with capacity of 30B files and 30B directories. Now the same IBM Spectrum Scale software that is driving Summit is available for you on AWS.

IBM Spectrum Scale on AWS is a unique solution that fills a void for applications which demand high performance & highly available clustered file system which is available on a variety of platforms. Here are some highlights for marketplace offering by IBM:

  • Ability to “easily” use an HA scalable cluster filesystem on AWS infrastructure w/ POSIX semantics targeted for HPC use on AWS

  • Provide a global namespace across a set of EC2 instances

  • Provide an AMI (boot image) with Spectrum Scale Data management edition installed on RHEL 7.5

  • Provide a Cloud Formation script for automated deployment in new VPC or existing VPC

  • Make the deployment (using cloud formation) available through Amazon Marketplace as BYOL offering

  • Provide workflows for Cluster expansion and contraction

  • Automatic recommended cluster tuning

  • Multi-AZ deployment for high availability as well as cost optimized single AZ deployment support

[caption id="attachment_7494" align="aligncenter" width="940"]ibm spectrum scale marketplace ibm spectrum scale marketplace[/caption]

Spectrum Scale on AWS – Architecture

[caption id="attachment_7491" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Spectrum scale on AWS architecture Spectrum scale on AWS architecture[/caption]
Note: Only IBM Spectrum Scale BYOL License Support (Bring Your Own License). Customer need to pay Amazon for EC2 resources used and RHEL and other software they will consume.

Hurry up and Create your Supercomputer too!!

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