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IBM Spectrum Virtualize 8.1.0 : Remote Support Assistance

By Archive User posted Fri June 29, 2018 01:10 PM

In view of serviceability and customer support experience, IBM Spectrum Virtualize v8.1.0 introduces a new feature Remote Support Assistance (RSA). RSA offers enhanced secure environment for remote support and service of the storage systems.

Remote support for system predominantly used to happen in the attended mode. Either the customer had to keep monitoring support session, or the user had to be guided over phone for basic level of troubleshooting and sharing of the debug information.In the course of these sessions, authenticating the remote session, call drops like service interruptions were the cons.

This new feature enables support engineers to remotely connect to the systems in a secure environment with password-less authentication process. In conjunction RSA offers the audit feature which records all the activities performed by support engineer during remote session. This allows admin to review the support session as per his convenience.

The Specialized RSA ensures that the technician has right set of privileges in accordance with his skill set. This in-turn helps in enhancing the manageability of the user accounts.

More usability features

This version of the product also provides support package upload and software download features smoothening the service or the maintenance activity

User can now
- Automatically upload the support packages directly from clustered systems to IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository.
- Download software packages, fixes, and patches from IBM Fix central to the target system.

Above features will eliminate the process of copying big chunk of data to and from system to workstation.

Updated IBM Spectrum Virtualize v8.1.0 GUI Console will help easily configure Remote Support Assistance and upload functionality.


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