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New IBM Journal of R&D Article: zHyperLink: Low-latency I/O for Db2 on IBM Z and DS8880 storage

By Archive User posted Wed May 02, 2018 09:13 PM

The IBM Journal of Research and Development just published an issue dedicated to the IBM z14, IBM's latest generation of mainframe.
The IBM DS8880 Storage allows clients to get the most value out of the z14 with the new zHyperLink technology
for extreme low latency I/O. For readers with access to the IEEE site, please take a look at this new technology:
zHyperLink: Low-latency I/O for Db2 on IBM Z and DS8880 storage.

zHyperLink is a new low-latency I/O capability for storage area networks (SANs). When using zHyperLink, the IBM z14 processor, along with the DS8880 Storage System (IBM's latest enterprise-class storage for mainframe attachment), delivers up to a 90% reduction in storage I/O service times compared with fiber channel transport technology. zHyperLink I/O service times eliminate the need for an operating system task switch for most read I/O operations, fundamentally improving application response times and changing system scaling behavior. Initial use of zHyperLink on IBM Z, IBM DS8880 storage, and z/OS accelerates the Db2 for z/OS relational database transaction processing information management system hierarchal database and reduces the elapsed time for Virtual Storage Access Method applications. These improvements occur without any application changes. In this paper, we explain the strategic importance of a low-latency I/O capability for the SAN and describe the z14 architecture, hardware, firmware, and software implementation concepts and the preliminary performance results for Db2.
Published in: IBM Journal of Research and Development ( Volume: 62, Issue: 2/3, March-May 1 2018 )

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