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Healthcare Big Data - A Blessing or a Curse?

By Archive User posted Thu March 01, 2018 09:41 AM

Market leaders in the healthcare industry are dealing with this dilemma every day. On one hand they are experiencing tremendous growth in the volume of available data coming from various sources that could potentially help them deliver higher quality of personalized patient care. On the other hand, this large amount of data that needs to be analyzed, with long retention period, is delivering too little insight.

If your IT infrastructure cannot meet your analytical and data demands, and you are looking for ways to transform genomics research and medical imaging with advanced data management solutions and highly scalable Cloud Object Storage - visit IBM Storage at HIMSS18 in the Tech Data booth #2661.

In this booth we will explain how you can benefit from of a data driven multi- cloud storage architecture that will help your organization leverage big data and achieve:

- Lower cost than traditional storage

- Simplified administration and data management

- Scalable storage to enable vast data repositories

- Secure and reliable data retention that is compliant

- Improved performance and collaboration across the organization and the globe

While healthcare organizations are dealing with current IT infrastructure and traditional data management platforms that are not sufficient to keep up with the speed, volume and variety of new medical data sources that needs to be managed, stored, accessed, shared and analyzed - IBM cloud object storage, IBM Spectrum NAS, and IBM Spectrum Scale suggest a new approach. This approach is based on flexible deployment options which enable organizations to place data where it makes the most sense for them to run their applications and services — today and as business requirements evolve. The ability to manage unpredictable data growth while also balancing storage costs, location, performance and compliance demands across data sets and applications provides tremendous benefits.

Genomics Data Common (GDC) platform in The University of Chicago
Join our theater session- Big Data in Medical Imaging - Wed, March 7, 3:30 pm-4:00 pm at the IBM Watson Health Booth #6243 presented by Dr. Piers Nash, Data Evangelist, Cancer Biologist, Strategy Architect, IBM and George Miller, Cloud Solution Architect - Healthcare, IBM Cloud Object Storage.
This session introduces the concept of Precision Medicine and its application for Oncology treatment. We will discuss the Genomics Data Common (GDC) platform that is deployed in The University of Chicago which utilizes Object Storage to store and make massive amounts of Genomic data for Oncology research available. We will present a powerful architecture for Big Data Medical Imaging and patient Genomic information that is based on advanced data management solutions and highly scalable cloud storage.

Visit IBM Storage at HIMSS18 in the Tech Data booth #2661 to learn how Healthcare Big Data could be a blessing in your organization.

For more information about IBM Storage solutions and sessions that will be presented at HIMSS click here

Enjoy the conference and we hope to see you there!