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zHyperLink™ Video Demo

By Archive User posted Fri February 16, 2018 10:44 PM

On December 8, 2017, IBM made the DS8886 zHyperLink support generally available. Today’s blog entry introduces a video demo of the zHyperLink technology.

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TL;DR, Clients can transparently cut their application response times in half.
Pass this video along to your clients so that they can understand the value of the technology.

In prior blog entries we introduced the concept of a new I/O technology for the DS8880 in support of the mainframe, called zHyperLinks:

The zHyperLink video demo describes client goals, how do they fundamentally change the elapsed time needed to process their work load? Mainframe clients have expressed the desire to reduce work load and transaction elapsed times in order to grow their business opportunities, improve availability and reduce costs. IBM zHyperLinks provides this value with industry leading I/O latencies and I/O rates.

The answer for clients was the innovation named zHyperLink, a new CPU synchronous I/O paradigm for the mainframe. The zHyperLink technology consists of a z14 zHyperLink Express host adapter in the mainframe I/O drawer using an optical PCIe connection to the I/O Bay in the DS8000 storage system. Fundamental changes to the entire I/O stack were made to support the new I/O model. New CPU hardware was added to the z14 CPU core to generate and check guard bytes to assure absolute end-to-end data integrity with the lowest possible latency. New CPU instructions and firmware were created in the z14 host to implement the new CPU synchronous I/O paradigm to allow the execution of certain I/O operations without the need for I/O interrupts. Removing I/O interrupts improves efficiency by avoiding cache damage in the processor and reducing instruction path lengths. Host operating software changes were needed to manage the new I/O model and middleware changes were necessary to avoid unnecessary trips to the dispatcher when the I/O request completes synchronously. The result is a 10x lower I/O latency as perceived by applications that result in a 50 percent improvement in elapsed times. All this without changing any application code.

Please enjoy the video.

Learn more about IBM zHyperWrite and zHPF today.

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Sat January 07, 2023 05:15 AM

The zHyperLink video demo has been very helpful for our idiom project. Cheers!