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Spectrum Scale as preferred software defined storage for Ubuntu OpenStack

By Archive User posted Fri September 29, 2017 07:22 AM


Telcos and Service Providers expect near 100% uptime and the flexibility to scale their infrastructure up and down on-demand. This requires a proven cloud platform that minimises time-to-revenue and ensures predictable costs. The eBook published by Canonical explains how Ubuntu OpenStack can help telcos and other providers to deliver cloud-based services to both internal and external customers successfully.  

One of the critical part of the infrastructure is the storage layer. IBM Spectrum Scale is a proven, enterprise class file system. When used together with Ubuntu OpenStack, these technologies provide a unique cloud platform that accelerates time to value by alleviating many of the storage and management headaches IT administrators, architects, and managers encounter. By integrating the OpenStack storage services within a single storage plane, administrators avoid silos of storage and their corresponding data management headaches, which allows enterprises to realize the full value of their data. 

Spectrum Scale now can be integrated seamlessly with OpenStack Juju charms for faster deployment of OpenStack with Spectrum Scale as a storage. More information can be found here. 

For a demonstration using Juju charms for deploying OpenStack cloud with Spectrum Scale storage take a look at this video at: 

The redbook also explains how spectrum scale can be integrated in an OpenStack environment in general.