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Tier your data with ease to Spectrum Scale Private Cloud(s) using Moonwalk Universal

By Archive User posted Thu September 14, 2017 09:15 AM

For many businesses the path to cloud storage can be too complex, too disruptive. Moonwalk Universal offers an easy way to tier data to IBM Spectrum Scale private cloud using S3 protocol.

A little introduction;

IBM Spectrum Scale is software that is used to manage storage and provide massive scale, a global namespace, and high-performance data access with many enterprise features. IBM Spectrum Scale is used in clustered environments and provides file protocol (POSIX, NFS, and SMB) and object protocol (Swift and S3) access methods.

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Moonwalk is a heterogeneous Data Management System. It automates and manages the movement of data (via policies) from primary storage locations to file systems, object stores, tape or cloud storage services. Files are migrated from primary storage locations to secondary storage locations and are demigrated transparently when accessed by a user or application.

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Solution brief;

IBM Spectrum Scale can be used as a migration destination with Moonwalk, where the source can be CIFS or NFS file servers and is accessed via S3 protocol. For details related to Spectrum Scale object interface, please refer to

No additional configuration is needed at Spectrum Scale other than enabling S3 API.

Moonwalk offers various features via policies (few of them are listed below - for complete set of feature operations and configuration details, please refer to Moonwalk administration guide).

1. Migrate
Migrate file data from CIFS or NFS file servers to IBM Spectrum Scale and performs below operation;
- The file content and corresponding metadata are copied to Spectrum Scale as an MWI file/object.
- The original file is marked as a ‘stub’ and truncated to zero physical size (while retaining the original logical size for the benefit of users and the correct operation of applications).
- The resulting stub file will remain on primary storage in this state until such time as a user or application requests access to the file content, at which point the data will be automatically returned to primary storage.
- Each stub encapsulates the location of the corresponding MWI data on Spectrum Scale storage, without the need for a database or other centralized component.

2. Demigrate

Demigrate file data back from Spectrum Scale to the respective sources. Files are demigrated transparently when accessed by a user or application, however this feature offers files to be demigrated in advance.

3. Quick-Remigrate
Quick-Remigrate demigrated files that do not require data transfer, enabling space to be reclaimed quickly. This operation acts only on files that have not been altered since the
last migration.

4. Scrub Destination
Remove unnecessary stored file content from Spectrum Scale. It can be scheduled regularly to reclaim space.

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