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Low cost block storage pooling with IBM Spectrum Virtualize 7.7.0

By Archive User posted Sun August 14, 2016 04:04 PM


iSCSI interconnect is rapidly growing storage interconnect in data centers. iSCSI is one of the preferred interconnect for cloud service providers due to low cost Ethernet storage and other administrative advantages due to leveraging same network for Server and Storage traffic. Software defined storage is another major reason behind a demand of Ethernet based data centers. IBM Spectrum Virtualize software already support iSCSI Host attach for long time. IBM Spectrum Virtuialize is a industry leader in the storage pooling or virtualization. IBM Spectrum Virtualize already support Virtualization of Fibre Channel-attached external storage arrays for almost 370 different brands and models of block storage arrays, including arrays from competitors. With IBM Spectrum Virtualize 7.7.0, support for iSCSI - attached external storage is introduced for selected vendors in current release and list will grow with more qualifications planned to happen regularly. This feature is going to enable lot of opportunities to virtualize iSCSI based controllers along with FC based controllers for consolidation as well as storage pooling of  low cost Ethernet based storage.



Please refer following white papers for migration and virtualization used cases

Please refer IBM Knowledge Center for more details


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