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Replication based Data Storage Migration document for VERITAS cluster on Solaris Operating system

By Archive User posted Wed April 23, 2014 06:37 AM


Originally posted by: VipinKumarG

Data Migration is always a hot topic in any Storage tech refresh requirements. One of the common mechanism of Storage data migration followed is Replication based data storage migrations which makes the huge data movement easier at storage level. Data Migrations wont be complete with the Host level steps to the switch the devices, configurations and varies from OS to OS. Steps gets into more complexities in a cluster setup when compared to the similar Operating system standalone.There are wide varieties of Cluster products that are available today and each varies from one another in its administration. Symantec Veritas Cluster Server (AKA VCS) is High-availability cluster software, for UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows computer systems, created by Veritas Software (now part of Symantec). Presence of VCS is majorly observed in combination with Solaris Operating system high availability infrastructure.
This white paper talks about a similar replication based data storage Migration in an environment under Veritas Cluster running on Oracle Sun Solaris.