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Modernize data protection with IBM’s Hybrid Cloud technology solutions

By AILBHE CASHELL posted Fri October 30, 2020 10:05 AM

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As an organization today with growing data, you are probably planning to start or continue your journey to the cloud. In recent times, it has become clear that strategic choice outweighs prescriptive models for your data protection planning. You want to choose a product and technology that fits your organization rather than the other way around. Modernizing your data protection solution and technology is not something that you can afford to step into overnight.

Denis Kennelly quoteTo adopt a truly modern data protection solution, it is necessary to go beyond prescriptive models on the market that tie organizations into hardware or IT solutions that they are not quite ready for. For others, such models can force organizations into taking a step backwards. Organization want solutions that enable you and your organization to pick-and-choose when creating a hybrid model that suits your company’s needs. Whether that includes on-premises, private cloud or a mixture, IBM’s strategic hybrid technologies have the solution that will fit.

IBM’s hybrid solutions can help your organization to start on the necessary digital transformation, or support with the continuation forward on that road to strategic digital transformation.

Organizations need to be able to choose where to deploy their workloads, whether that’s on-premises or on the cloud. In addition, they need to know that their solution is watertight with robust cyber resiliency and disaster recovery, increased scale and performance that plans into the future of growth and enterprise. But what about cost, won’t this cost the earth? The simple answer is no. IBM’s solutions are focused on reducing cost with storage efficiencies such as data deduplication, compression, increased scale and improved performance. IBM’s solutions equip clients with industrial standard blueprints so that they can plan storage requirements into the future.

Red Hat and IBM

With an eye to the future, IBM’s Modern Data Protection solutions embrace containerized workloads. Take IBM’s Hybrid cloud strategy with Red Hat, and integration with Kubernetes for example. With unified data recovery, retention and reuse, IBM’s Spectrum technologies are container-ready supporting your enterprise environment with container-native support.

With IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks, organizations can fast-track their journey to hybrid cloud with enterprise data services in container environments. With simplified deployment for containerized private cloud, you keep your finger on the pulse with ease of management and reporting.