Step Inside a Cloud Breach: Threat Intelligence and Best Practices Webinar

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Step Inside a Cloud Breach: Threat Intelligence and Best Practices Webinar 

12 days ago

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Intelligence is a critical underpinning of a comprehensive cloud security strategy, so you can understand potential weaknesses: where they occur, how criminals attempt to exploit them, and what you can do to stop them. IBM cloud security analysts and incident responders have studied the security challenges hundreds of IBM's clients have faced over the past year. Using insights from these cloud security incidents, IBM has developed the 2022 X-Force Cloud Threat Landscape Report, highlighting categories of threats and the pillars of an effective response.
Join this webinar to step inside a cloud breach and see how threat actors are taking advantage of these complex and connected environments to do great harm. Then learn best practices gleaned from IBM Security X-Force's robust threat intelligence and hands-on experience securing cloud-based environments.
Cyber security cloud experts will share new research insights to strengthen your security posture across your on-prem, remote worker, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments including:
  • How threat actors attempt to break into cloud environments and the most commonly observed infection vectors.
  • What types of attacks threat actors can launch from within cloud environments, from data theft to phishing attacks on unsuspecting users of cloud services.
  • Best practices for proactively securing cloud environments and responding to a potential compromise.
And more lessons learned from responding to cloud breaches.
Key Speakers

Mitch Mayne, Public Information Officer, IBM Security;
Mitch Mayne, Public Information Officer at IBM Security X-Force, is a well-known voice in the cybersecurity realm, and the author of several thought leadership articles and the host of multiple podcast series that help organizations stay safer from cyber threats. He holds a Masters Degree in Communication and Media from Stanford University.

Chris Caridi, Strategic Cyber Threat Analyst, IBM Security X-Force; 
Chris Caridi is a cyber threat analyst with IBM X-Force's Threat Intelligence Production Team . Chris brings 11 years of experience working as a digital forensic examiner, investigator, and security operations center analyst specializing in cyber threat intelligence and information sharing.

Sambit Misra, Senior Product Manager, IBM Security Services for Cloud
Sambit Misra as a senior product manager at IBM Security, drives globally the product management activities for cloud security services. He brings 15 years of cybersecurity and risk management expertise helping organizations securely move and build their business in cloud.


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