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On-Demand Webinar: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Remote Work 

Wed March 25, 2020 04:50 AM

Whether it's a document sent over Slack or a game of conference call bingo unfolding on Zoom, telecommuting infrastructure has permeated our working lives.  In fact, it increasingly seems as though our working lives are really just... our lives.

As employees shift towards working from home, proper applications must be deployed to support those trends - ensuring business continuity for organizations while delivering a frictionless experience for users.

Further, it's just as imperative to effectively secure those applications and the devices users rely on for access - whether a corporate-owned laptop or a personal tablet.

A program like bring your own device (BYOD), while implying using in the office, is more of a concern at home due to the risks of unsecured WiFi, unauthorized users, risky downloads and web traffic, and the potential for phishing attacks to compromise corporate credentials.

However, those same problems tend to crop up on corporate devices as well - typically deemed a safer asset. Ultimately, regardless of the device, the human behind the machine presents risk.

Join experts from IBM Security as they discuss how to enable and empower remote workers productivity without compromising security.

Ryan Schwartz, Product Marketing Manager, IBM Security
Mitt Sharma, Offering Manager, IBM Security



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Tue March 31, 2020 02:56 PM

I think you need to introduce strict rules for all employees and always keep them in touch. At least that's what they did in my company in connection with the virus. And all my colleagues with this approach cope with the work.It's my personal opinion. Thanks)