MaaS360 Customer Spotlight: Scoring Mobile User Risk to Curb Bad Behavior 

Wed April 14, 2021 05:36 PM

Human behavior continues to be a major root cause of costly data breaches—human error alone caused 23% of them in 2019* -- yet IT has traditionally taken a device-centric approach to safeguard against threats. This strategy is unsustainable as the number of endpoints to manage is exploding with more personal laptops and smartphones being utilized for work (BYOD) and dedicated, kiosks, IoT and wearables permeating every industry.

The growing threat is that employees are using more devices to do their jobs, especially with remote work, and are introducing risks and vulnerabilities with everything they touch. A stronger security posture requires evaluating user interaction across a wide variety of factors, including the context in which they are accessing endpoints, to determine if they pose a risk to your specific organization.

In this webinar you will hear from MaaS360 customers that have recently implemented ground breaking User Risk Management capabilities to change the way they protect their users, endpoints, apps and content. You will learn how they are aggregating risky behavior like malicious app installs, unsecured network connections, strange login locations, failed access attempts, and unpatched or outdated operating systems to determine a risk score that drives user access and corrective action.

*Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2020, IBM Security

Chase Porter
Chase Porter
Lead MDM Administrator
Qorvo US, Inc.
Alex Cherian
Alex Cherian
Program Director, MaaS360 Offering Management
IBM Security
Patrick Ancipink
Patrick Ancipink
Product Marketing
IBM Security MaaS360



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