Cybersecurity Starts at Home — Learn How to Protect Your Home Network with Jose Bravo

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Cybersecurity Starts at Home — Learn How to Protect Your Home Network with Jose Bravo 

Fri September 06, 2019 01:48 PM

Those of us working in cybersecurity know that our home networks mix insecure IoT devices with our computers, phones and tablets — but who has the time to quickly remediate this?

In this webinar, Security Architect Jose Bravo and Worldwide Client Technical Advocate Leopoldo Aguirre will show you a step-by-step methodology on how to achieve network segmentation by installing an inexpensive, opensource pfSense router. In addition, we will show how to use your now-secure home network as a lab to increase your knowledge of the following cybersecurity topics:

  • How to leave IoT devices in your current WiFi and set up another WiFi for your secure devices without losing functionality.
  • How to send networking logs and Netflows to a free SIEM (QRadar CE) to monitorwhat happens at home.
  • How to search data in an SIEM (i.e. which bad traffic has been now blocked. Are my IOT devices sending data to China or Russia? etc).
  • How to setup up pfSense to send proxy logs to your SIEM to monitor which sites are visited from home (you will be surprised about all the activity that takes place when you visit a single web site).
  • How to intercept some SSL traffic at home.
  • How to achieve DNS peace of mind: Security, Privacy and Inspection
  • How to capture and analyze network traffic from an specific device (pcaps) with pfSense and how to visualize them with WireShark.
  • How to set a secure VPN so you can securely access your devices at home from any remote location, and always browse from your home network regardless of where you are in the world.

Our recommendations come from extensive personal experience with SIEM technology, which we present on a YouTube channel that has close to one million views (more than 1,000 views every weekday) and 5,700 subscribers to date. And because the list of topics we plan to address is so lengthy, we may point to short videos to address some of them in more detail.


Jose Bravo
Security Architect
IBM Security

Leopoldo Aguirre
Worldwide Client Technical Advocate
IBM Security



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