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How MaaS360 User Risk Management and Carbon Design are redefining UX

WHY USER RISK MANAGEMENT? The average cost of a data breach is $3.86M, according to a recent report by IBM Security. Remote work during COVID-19 is only expected to exacerbate the situation, increasing data breach costs, and incident response times. To combat this threat...

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Work Profile On Corporate Owned Android Devices

I hope that everyone is familiar with Android Enterprise and the various management styles that have been supported by MaaS360 since it's inception in Android 5.0 (if not, check out this link ): Work Profile (often referred to as Profile Owner or PO) - creates a work partition on the device...

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Using Shared Apple Devices With MaaS360

iOS device management has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Apple seems to be taking user feedback more seriously and implementing features that both frustrate (deprecating strict features from non-supervised devices) and delight (non-DEP to DEP conversion) admins across the...

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IBM named a Leader in The KuppengerCole Leadership Compass for Unified Endpoint Management

The most recent KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report focuses on unified endpoint management (UEM) and names IBM as one of only six companies in the Overall Leaders segment. KuppingerCole, an international, independent analyst organization, specializes in offering advice and thought...

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Enhancing Your Android Enterprise Rollout

We are in full Android Enterprise fervor here at MaaS360 as Android 11 begins to permeate the market. Admins everywhere are beginning to execute their battle plans to make the changeover from the deprecated Device Admin style management over to Android Enterprise, and we're seeing a lot of the...

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Introducing IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson User Risk Management

Co-authored by Priti Patil Challenges with a device-centric approach to unified endpoint management (UEM) In a world where working remotely is becoming the new normal, organizations want to enable their employees to be productive—no matter what location those employees are in or...

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It's time to get excited for Virtual Master Skills University 2020!

Still debating whether or not to participate in Virtual Master Skills University this September? This short video from IBM Security VP Bob Kalka is bound to get you fired up for 4 days of learning, collaborating, and tackling the toughest challenges of cybersecurity! As Bob emphasizes, ...

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Push Custom Windows10 MDM Payloads with MaaS360 Custom OMA Settings

Microsoft has a history of releasing new custom payloads, or CSPs, for Windows 10 devices every new release, posing a challenge for UEM vendors to keep pace. Though we implement many CSPs through the MaaS360 portal at a rapid pace, customers still might need support for some CSPs that are not...

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