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RE: It's time to go #BackToSecuritySchool! Enter our contest by Sept. 1 to WIN

Hi all, First and foremost I would like to thank @Jennifer Tullman-Botzer for providing the opportunity to share what I learned from IBM's online Community forums via the #BackToSecuritySchool season. It is indeed difficult for me where to start and end my answer. The IBM Security Community has...

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Import Identities from Multiple Sources and Systems into QRadar UBA

Importing and coalescing identities is a breeze with IBM QRadar UBA! The LDAP app in UBA provides a utility that guides admins through a 4 step process to import and merge identities of users for User Behavior Analytics. Admins should export the identity and user data from the repository...

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Manage Multiple Users and Watchlists in QRadar User Behavior Analytics

When monitoring their SOC environments for insider threats, security analysts often monitor users’ activity and risk posture by grouping of users based on a common criteria. For example, analysts identifying people in similar roles, in the same department or people working on the same project. ...

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