Webinar: A Resilient User’s Technical Deep Dive — From Implementation to Customization

When:  Mar 12, 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

In February, we heard a compelling customer conversation around the successful adoption and implementation of the IBM Security Resilient SOAR Platform. The same speaker, Jared Fagel, a Cyber Security Analyst from Allete, takes a deeper dive in this webinar and offers a technical perspective of his organization's use of Resilient.

As an active Resilient community member, Jared offers his insight on managing the Resilient SOAR platform alongside other security tools he uses day-to-day including VMware’s Carbon Black EDR and IBM’s QRadar SIEM.

Join Jared along with Mark Scherfling, Resilient Engineering Manager, and hear a technical discussion around:

  • Parsing emails for incident creation with scripts that utilize string manipulation methodologies
  • Customizing existing functions to perform actions that meet your needs
  • Creating new functions to perform actions that may be unique or not yet covered
  • Building advanced workflows from functions to cover your individual use cases

There will be a Q&A following this conversation, but you can always find these speakers in the Resilient Community forums if you have further questions.



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