Take control of your cloud data with BYOE, BYOK, and KYOK with a root of trust

When:  Aug 19, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Encryption and key management are well established security practices but they’ve traditionally been built for either on-prem or native cloud environments and have struggled to traverse those computing models. This has left hybrid multicloud environments vulnerable to data breach and loss, inconsistent policy enforcement, compliance violations, and insider threat.

Challenges for multicloud environments range from key custodianship, enforcing consistent policies across diverse environments, accountability across multiple cloud service providers (CSPs), and separation of duties. The bottom line is that organizations need to gain the massive benefits from hybrid cloud while retaining control of their data over CSPs.

In this webinar, experts from IBM Security and IBM Cloud will discuss the trends driving encryption and key management requirements for hybrid multicloud environments. They will also present new integrations between IBM Security Guardium and IBM Cloud products* that effectively deliver encryption for the modern environment. Additional topics include:

  • Cloud native encryption versus bring your own encryption (BYOE)
  • Selecting the appropriate key management model (e.g., bring your own key (BYOK) vs keep your own key (KYOK)
  • Centralized key management control using multi-cloud key management
  • Enabling encrypted data portability between cloud service providers
  • Extending to support on-premise storage and file, folder or database encryption and encryption keys

*Products featured include IBM Security Guardium Data Encryption, IBM Security for Cloud Key Management, IBM Security Hyper Protect Crytpo Services, IBM Key Protect for IBM Cloud.

Michael Saldarriaga

Michael Saldarriaga
Sr. Product Marketing Manager for IBM Security Risk Manager
IBM Security

Michael is a product marketing manager for IBM Security’s Guardium portfolio of data security and risk management products. Before joining IBM in 2018, he worked in the non-profit sector in political communications and digital strategy.