Bring Context & Clarity to Your Device Certificates with Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager V4.2 Webinar

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When:  Mar 23, 2023 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (ET)


In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of securing data at rest through encryption and the resulting operational and security challenge of having to secure, manage and rotate encryption keys. Now, let’s talk about the device certificates that make secure communication with a key management system possible. To ensure that storage environments can communicate securely and consistently with their key management system, storage admins and security analysts must keep track of which device certificates are valid, which are set to expire, and which have lapsed since a faulty certificate can open the organization up to attack or can lead to costly network downtime.

To address these concerns, Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager now provides users with a device certificate monitoring dashboard that displays all devices in the network, the device’s certificate, and when it is close to expiration. With our new release, Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager also provides broader interoperability with devices, support for new KMIP endpoints, and more.

Join the webinar to hear experts discuss the new features in our latest release of Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager V4.2.

Key Speakers

Michael Saldarriaga - Product Manager - Data Security, Encryption, and Vulnerability Assessment

Prashant Mestri - Architect, IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager
Responsible for product and solution architecture of IBM Security Guardium Key Lifecycle Manager, adding out-of-box support for encryption endpoints and keeping the product "Key Management Interoperability Protocol"(KMIP) compliant.