Story time with Grifter: How Russia Exfiltrated Data from a Global Financial Company webinar

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When:  Feb 3, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (ET)

Neil Wyler (a.k.a. Grifter in the hacker community), is the global lead of X-Force Active Threat Assessment Services. He has more than two decades of threat hunting, hacking and incident response experience and has been breaking into things since he was eight years old.

In this webinar, Grifter will discuss how he discovered Russian attackers exfiltrating files from a global financial company without the company's knowledge.  A Q&A will follow.

Neil Wyler (
Neil Wyler ("Grifter")
Global Lead, X-Force Active Threat Assessment Services
IBM Security

Neil Wyler, a.k.a. "Grifter," in the hacker community, is a veteran hacker and Global Lead of X-Force Active Threat Assessment Services. He has built and sold his own penetration testing, incident response and red teaming company; created and led a threat hunting practice for a global cybersecurity company; and served in the U.S. Air Force, fixing F-16 fighter jet avionics systems.

Neil is a world renown speaker at the most notable security conferences, has run the technical operations for Black Hat conferences worldwide for twenty years, and is a department head at DEF CON. He also created 801 Labs, the Hacker Space in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is a non-profit shared space for anyone who is interested in hacking.
Neil has been hacking since he was eight years old.

Camille Singleton
Manager, Cyber Range R&D Team
IBM Security X-Force

Camille Singleton brings sixteen years of professional experience to cybersecurity topics, both in the US government and as an analyst and manager at IBM. She is conversant on a range of topics affecting the cyber threat landscape, including industry-specific analysis, multifactor authentication, ransomware, destructive malware, and phishing trends. She has published multiple articles addressing pressing cybersecurity topics, ranging from vulnerability management to Powershell-based attacks to trends in hacktivism. Camille has appeared as a speaker at THINK, RSA 365, the Australian Cyber Conference, and multiple WiCyS events and has authored several white papers, including "Combating Destructive Malware: Lessons from the Front Lines" and the 2021 and 2022 IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. She recently took a position in the X-Force Cyber Range, which tests and prepares organizations to face the latest cyber threats.

Mitch Mayne
Public Information Officer
IBM Security X-Force Cyber Threat Intelligence

Mitch is the Public Information Officer (PIO) for IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence. Mitch is a well-known voice in the cybersecurity realm, and the author of several thought leadership articles and the host of multiple podcast series that help organizations stay safer from cyber threats.  With a background in journalism, Mitch specializes in translating deep technical content into usable, consumable information for the everyday business user. He holds a Masters Degree in Communication and Media from Stanford University.JOIN: