Customer Webinar: Integrated Response with v32 of Resilient

When:  Jan 16, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

Email integration is an important tool in the IR process. Email ingestion allows alerts to be consumed from external tools that do not have available APIs. Email-driven phishing attacks are also one of the most common investigations for most security teams. A key capability v32 of the Resilient platform is a complete overhaul of the email connector. This updated email capability, now integrated into the core Resilient platform, simplifies the ability of IR teams to capture email-borne malware of phishing attacks and generate incidents and artifacts.

Join Martin Feeney, Product Manager at IBM Resilient, and Monica Dubeau, Privacy Program Manager at IBM Resilient, to learn:

  • How the new features in the v32 release can help improve your integrated response to attacks
  • How native email integration can be leveraged as part of workflows and playbooks
  • What to expect with the updated look and feel of the Resilient platform
  • Significant updates to the Privacy Module to support new global regulations.