QRadar User Group & C-TOC Tour — Denmark

When:  Apr 10, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (DK)
Please join our Denmark User Group event for QRadar clients. During this event, you will learn about QRadar best practices and developments, network with your industry peers and gain an exclusive opportunity to experience the one-of-a-kind IBM® X-Force® Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC).

Please note that this event will be in Danish and interested participants must contact Sebastian la Cour.

Event agenda:
08:30 - Registration and Breakfast
08:45 - Introduction and Welcome by Sebastian la Cour, SecureDevice
09:00 - Brief Introduction of Participants — 1-2 minutes each discussing:
My Role? My Experience and Maturity in regards to QRadar? What is my goal for the day, expectations?
09:45 - Group discussion / inspiration by the tables incl. follow up in plenum:
 - How do QRadar create value for me/us and how is this value made visible internally?
 - Examples on great Use Cases / greatest aha / wow experiences that other might get value of.
10:30 - Group discussion / inspiration by the tables incl. follow up in plenum:
 - What challanges have we / do we face in regards to QRadar, and how have we solved them (if solved)?
 - Examples on frustrating QRadar issues/challenges that have been solved or that you want to share with the group to try to find a solution / a fix together.

11:15 - Lunch / Network

12:00 - QRadar RoadMap by Shane Lundy, Product Manager IBM Security QRadar, Ireland
12:40 - Wrap up – Thoughts and wishlist for next user group

12:50 - Transport to C-TOC
13:00 - C-TOC User Group Event / Ox Response Challange – Stimulating challenges based on real-world scenarios
  - Ox Response Challenge: Collaborate in a fusion team center environment to keep your company out of the headlines, and figure out how to react as a team across the dimensions of technical, legal and public relations responses.
 - Learning objectives:
      1. Experience a cyber incident as a cross-functional business response.
      2. Discover gaps in your response plan.
      3. Learn technical cyber response and leadership best practices

17:00 - End of Day

For more information and to register, please contact Sebastian la Cour.



IBM Client Center
Kongevejen 495B
Holte, 2840