A Unified Approach to Data Discovery, Classification, and Protection

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When:  Jun 14, 2023 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


Join the webinar to learn how the two-way integration of IBM Security Discover and Classify and Guardium Data Protection provides deeper context, broader scanning, and accurate protection across the data landscape.

  • Make the most of your Guardium Data Protection solution by feeding it with deeper, business-oriented context around sensitive data and broader scanning across both structured and unstructured data types. 
  • IBM Security Discover and Classify enhances Guardium Data Protection through automatic scanning, AI, and machine learning to provide 96% accuracy.
  • Reduce noise, limit false positives and negatives, and increase operational efficiency by only monitoring and protecting what is necessary.

Key Speakers

Nagendra Ramamurthy Pattavardhanam - Product Manager, IBM Security Discover and Classify

Nagendra Pattavardhanam: Working with customers across industries, Nagendra strives to solve their problems by leading several products within IBM Security. In addition to building products, Nagendra has helped create security reference architectures, governance models & data, and privacy risk assessment

Ashish John - Senior Security Technical Specialist, US Industry Market

Senior Data Security Specialist with a decade plus experience in delivering data discovery, classification, and protection services to clients around the globe. Expert in delivering robust solutions globally, ensuring confidentiality and compliance. Proficient in security assessments, controls implementation, and fostering a data protection culture. Collaborative approach to develop tailored strategies, policies, and training programs. Passionate about securing data assets, staying abreast of emerging threats, and enhancing organizational resilience.