Webinar: Simplifying end-to-end Hybrid Cloud Security with gen AI

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When:  Jul 18, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


Many organizations are struggling to keep up with a growing number of  cybersecurity threats, which often leads to complex and costly security  systems. John this webinar to learn how Microsoft's technology  platforms, combined with IBM Consulting's comprehensive cybersecurity  services, are helping organizations simplify their security  infrastructure.

In this webinar, you can learn how:

  • Clients can reduce operational burdens, enhance their threat detection, increase productivity, and gain valuable insights
  • Consolidation can save time and money while improving overall cybersecurity resilience  
  • Hear how simplifying security infrastructure helps to keep up with a growing number of cybersecurity threats

Key speakers

Richard Hogan, IBM Global Security Services Leader for Microsoft Cloud, IBM Consulting

Richard is a skilled IT professional who loves to help IBM's clients  reach their cloud objectives securely. He provides strategic and  technical guidance on using Microsoft Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft  Azure, Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Copilot, to maximise and secure  their current or future cloud investments.

As a seasoned  Microsoft Strategic Partner manager, he collaborates with various senior  stakeholders, from both IBM and Microsoft, to co-create solutions,  go-to-market offerings, and deal origination strategies. His goal is to  help IBM become the best global Microsoft security partner.

Sameh Younis, Senior Security Solutions Architect, Microsoft

John Velisaris, Associate Partner, Security Services, IBM Consulting

Danielle Syvertsen, Global Strategy & Portfolio Leader, TME Industry, IBM Consulting