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  • 1.  SQL Parser

    Posted Thu May 16, 2024 03:33 AM


    I want to parse SQL field and get value to another field in report
    is there any option to resolve this problem?

    For example: select * from employee where id = '012345'
    I want to get '012345' to another field to compare critical employee ids.

    Levani Chubinidze

  • 2.  RE: SQL Parser

    IBM Champion
    Posted 29 days ago

    Hi @Levani Chubinidze,

    That value should be parsing into the 'Field' entity already. If you create a report from the Access domain and use 'Main entity = Field', then include the Field Name attribute as one of your selected columns, you should find it. You can then build a group and use the group in your report conditions. 

    If you want to create a custom field and parse it into it as well, that gets a bit more complicated, requiring customization and some creativity. You can look into using a computed attribute: maybe.

    Wendy Zemba
    Sr. Consultant, Data Protection
    Converge Technology Solutions

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  • 3.  RE: SQL Parser

    Posted 29 days ago


    You can try to create Computed Attribute to create custom field. You can use MySQL expressions to create new value based on the SQL field.



    MySQL functions for v11 (Check MySQL v8 documentation for Guardium v12)-

    Marek Dziarski