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  • 1.  Setting no_proxy for app

    Posted Wed May 24, 2023 04:37 AM

    Hi All,

    We are currently migrating to a proxy that requires a root ca. I've been able to configure the fn_utilities app to successfully use this proxy by adding the cert file as a new file and then setting the following variables in the app.config file:

    However, we have a playbook that requires fn_utlities to connect to an on-site server, and therefore it should not go through the proxy. How can I set a no_proxy setting? From resilient-lib - IBM SOAR Python Documentation it doesn't seem like I can set it as a parameter in the app.config.

    From what I've read, I think that if I set the proxy environmental variables on the AppHost, it should propagate to the apps. Is this true? What's the best way to set the variables?

    Deon Joubert

  • 2.  RE: Setting no_proxy for app

    Posted Wed May 24, 2023 12:43 PM

    Hey Deon,

    There are NO_PROXY env variables that are configurable for the whole app host if you're running in app host, or usable through exports on an integration server. Please refer to the links below.

    Configure proxy authentication
    You can configure the Kubernetes k3s environment, App Host instance, and apps to use a proxy server to reach external sites, such as

    Configuring proxy authentication
    You can configure proxy server connections for both the integration server and apps.

    Calvin Wynne