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  • 1.  Qradar SIEM 75UP5 change hostname

    Posted Fri June 02, 2023 05:27 AM

    We are building test plaatform for our customer.

    I did make clone of virtual production system and after start clone I was trying to change hostname of Qradar All in One using this procedure.

    Changing the network settings in an all-in-one system

    After running  qchange_netsetup it asks for new network setting.

    If we change hostname procedure fails with error message taht tomcat can't be initialized.

    I did try to change IP only and it works fine.

    Any advice. Do somebody has some practical experience from hostname chage of Qradar AIO system?

    Thanks for advice.


    Jan Luptak

  • 2.  RE: Qradar SIEM 75UP5 change hostname

    Posted Mon June 05, 2023 01:21 AM

    There is a bunch of things that could  be the problem.  Best to open up a case with QRadar Support team for investigation.

    Adam McDonald