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    Posted Mon January 24, 2022 09:33 AM
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    You may not be aware of the videos I post to help people master QRadar.  So here is a list of my most recent videos :

    These are some topics I wish I would have had when I started learning QRadar:

    Regex Cheat Sheet
    Regex for Security Introduction
    Regex for Security Example Two
    Regex for Security Greedy and Lazy
    Regex for Security Example Four
    Regex for Security Part Five case insensitivity
    Regex for Security Part Six two more examples

    AQL Basics in 15 minutes
    Dealing with Expensive Searches

    Using 'awk' and zgrep commands
    Using the 'less' , 'grep' and tail commands

    Attached is a pdf that has a list of all of my videos an a format easier to search rather than searching in Google or YouTube.

    Jose Bravo