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Exploring Options for Status Page Implementation

  • 1.  Exploring Options for Status Page Implementation

    Posted Tue March 12, 2024 04:26 PM

    Dear IBM ISVA Community,

    We are exploring the possibility of implementing a status page similar to within our infrastructure.

    The objective is to effectively report any non-200 server response codes from our junction backend server as downtime incidents. We are considering options such as utilizing an API call or similar mechanism to streamline this process.

    We would like to inquire if there are any configurations available within the reverse-proxy junction stanza or any other relevant settings that could facilitate this functionality.

    Piyush Agrawal
    Gjensidige Norway

  • 2.  RE: Exploring Options for Status Page Implementation

    IBM Champion
    Posted Wed March 13, 2024 08:59 AM
    Edited by Kristen Park Tue March 19, 2024 09:28 AM

    Tracking any non-200 codes you would likely have to start looking at request logs, or maybe a LUA transform to catch any response with a non-200 and trigger some REST API to track the outage.

    If you are only concerned with junction status as webseal sees it (personally that's the way I would go, much easier), you could considering using the junction status embedded application.  It returns a JSON structure with the state of all junctions on the instance.  Since it's an embedded app, it can be accessed from outside the instance, meaning away from the network where your instances (and config containers / primary cluster appliances) reside.

    I would be curious what you end up doing.  I've wanted to tackle a similar project for quite some time, but the priority keeps getting pushed.


    Matt Jenkins