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2024 Insights from the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report are Here!

  • 1.  2024 Insights from the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report are Here!

    Posted Wed February 21, 2024 11:46 AM

    From how threat actors are getting in, to who they're targeting (and where), the 2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report-now in its 12th year-provides the latest insights to help organizations understand how they can improve their cybersecurity posture to match the changing threat landscape.​

    Here are some top findings from this year's report that security teams, risk professionals, and decision-makers will find compelling:​

    • A global identity crisis is emerging with a 71% increase year-to-year in attacks using valid credentials, representing 30% of all incidents X-Force responded to – tying with phishing, which saw a significant drop.

    • Ransomware groups pivot to a leaner business model with a nearly 12% drop in ransomware attacks on enterprises, as larger organizations opt against paying and decrypting, in favor of rebuilding.

    • ROI from attacking AI not there-yet. While discussions on AI and GPT dominate dark web forums, with X-Force observing over 800,000 relevant posts in 2023, analysis suggests the AI attack surface is not yet mature. X-Force predicts that when a single generative AI technology approaches 50% market share or when the market consolidates to three or less technologies, it will trigger at-scale attacks against these platforms.

    • Europe experienced most cyber attacks, accounting for 32% of incidents to which the X-Force team responded. Europe experienced the most ransomware attacks globally with 26%, which partly contributed to its rise in ranking in 2023

    • Manufacturing was once again the top attacked industry in 2023, for the third year in a row, representing 25.7% of incidents within the top ten industries

    The full report includes many more findings as well as recommendations to help organizations protect and respond to these new risks.

    Also don't forget to register for the global webinar on 3/7 at 11am EST featuring IBM X-Force and the FBI as they discuss key findings as well as the EMEA focused webinar on 3/21.

    Sarah Villavicencio
    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Threat Management Services, IBM Security

  • 2.  RE: 2024 Insights from the X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report are Here!

    Posted 20 days ago

    Sarah, your post about the 2024 X-Force Threat Intelligence Index Report is enlightening. It highlights the adaptability and evolution of cyber threats, as well as the importance of a proactive security stance. It's particularly interesting to see how ransomware tactics are shifting and how artificial intelligence could become a battleground in the near future. Thank you for sharing these valuable insights and for leading the conversation on how we can strengthen our defenses in an ever-changing threat landscape.

    Carlos Ferreiro