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    Latest Discussions

    • Hi Kelly, The Point of Contact server is used to generate all of the endpoint URLs that are given in the metadata. For example, if you gave your Point of Contact as, you should expect all of the URLs in the exported metadata ...

    • Hi Ivan, Although this cookbook has some content and styling from my cookbooks, it was created by a 3rd party and so I do not know it. I seem to remember that there were some threads related to this cookbook in the past. Maybe one of those can help? ...

    • Hello Mukesh, I observed similar issues on ISVA and these were solved by upgrading to ISVA It seems there could be a bug/problem in the working of these functions in the lower versions of ISAM/ISVA. Regards, ------------------------------ ...

    Latest Blogs

    • Introduction: IBM Security Verify now supports “Persistent” name id format . Previously different name id formats supported by IBM Security Verify are Unspecified , Transient , and Email . These identifier formats are present under SAML subject ...

    • Do you know how many Privileged Accounts you have? Would you be surprised if I tell you it will be roughly 2X the number of workstations you have? In fact, in over 70% of breaches, privileged accounts are abused. Digital transformations can empower ...

    • Today the IBM Security Verify team launches a new central hub for use cases, concepts, scenarios, API usage, and developer guides. Our teams have worked tirelessly to build out this new platform for your ease of consumption. This is the new starting point ...

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    • Many organizations today leverage many HR apps, cloud applications and on-premises applications. Managing the lifecycle of user access to the organizational application and IT infrastructure is resource intensive and often delayed causing productivity ...

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    • If you’re a Verify Access customer, (formerly branded IBM Security Access Manager), you can integrate with IBM’s IDaaS offering, IBM Security Verify SaaS , in 10 minutes or less! Verify SaaS aggregates dynamic user, device, activity, behavioral and ...

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