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  • **My response here is for David Peterson but the original question is valid to David Luce's original post** This is a precarious situation - the iOS device is part of an enrollment program meant specifically for enterprise use. I won't speculate too ...

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    RE: VPP and MaaS

    There is definitely something going on with VPP and MaaS. Not sure if it relates to changes Apple made to ABM but it is very frustrating. Hope you are doing well! Mitch Lauer connec Tel Wireless ...

  • Hi! When taking a screenshot of for instance an open Word document in Android Enterprise Work profile the screen shot ends up in Samsung Gallery inside Personal profile. This is not what one would want and expect, since removing the Work profile will ...

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  • Co-authored by Priti Patil Challenges with a device-centric approach to unified endpoint management (UEM) In a world where working remotely is becoming the new normal, organizations want to enable their employees to be productive—no matter ...

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  • Microsoft has a history of releasing new custom payloads, or CSPs, for Windows 10 devices every new release, posing a challenge for UEM vendors to keep pace. Though we implement many CSPs through the MaaS360 portal at a rapid pace, customers still might ...

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  • Authored by Ankur Das. Co-authored by Rajesh Phillips. A positive customer experience throughout a product lifecycle has proven to result in higher purchase rates and increased revenue. A critical capability to ensuring great customer experience ...

  • So you have signed with MaaS360, maybe enrolled a few devices, set up a policy, and perhaps you’re looking for some more guidance as you get going. There is a plethora of information on the product and usage but where do you start? How do you know ...

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  • Back in January the Client Success team launched our first series of Online Technical Introductions to MaaS360. We were very pleased with the response and feedback to the series and in this blog I aim to give you an insight to what this series is and ...

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