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Welcome to the IBM Security MaaS360 User Community
Communicate directly with IBM subject matter experts about your biggest concerns around best approaches to enable and secure your endpoints, end-users, and everything in between Learn from the experiences of fellow MaaS360 users and have the opportunity to share your own best practices.

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  • **My response here is for David Peterson but the original question is valid to David Luce's original post** This is a precarious situation - the iOS device is part of an enrollment program meant specifically for enterprise use. I won't speculate too ...

  • Once again, I got to the state where LogSource MaaS360 gives me the error "Error - Unable to login to IBM Fiberlink REST API!" Uploading a new certificate helped last time, but this time I'm not doing well or I'm making a mistake somewhere. I proceeded ...

  • Thank you for the response, Pete. I appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one with this particular concern, and I'll be keeping my eyes out for other MDM services that may be able to communicate with the phone without the user needing to be signed ...

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  • Hi all Just to let you know that Microsoft will soon stop supporting Basic Authentication, which is a way of logging on to your mail when using a mail client. Anyone connecting to Exchange Online or Office365 mail account will need to have an updated ...

  • New Year – New Global Challenges We are all emerging from a long pandemic that forced us to work remotely, suspend non-essential expenses and halt all our travel plans. Just when we thought we saw light at the end of the tunnel, that light happened ...

  • Special thanks to IBM Security Expert Labs Professional Simon Walker for contributing to this blog. In this blog you will learn how to configure SAML Integration in the MaaS360 portal so MaaS360 portal administrators can take advantage of your existing ...

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  • Write a review of your experience with IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson , and you will receive a $25 gift card via email as our thank you when your Trust Radius review is published. Help other professionals like you to pick the right solution based on ...

  • Android Enterprise has been here for a number of years at this point and you may be noticing that some features of your MaaS360 subscription are not working as expected. This could be due to you not using Android Enterprise to enroll devices. This will ...

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