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  • To view all the free courseware available to you for i2 products, use this link: i2 Courses - IBM Security Learning Academy link New courses available for i2 include: i2 iBase: Formatting import data for United States phone numbers Rescuing ...

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  • I know it seems odd, Rodrigo, but I've had issues with installing it unless the user executing the deploy script is also a member of DB2ADMINS (Windows). So I would try the following: 0) If not using Administrator to depoloy, add your deploy user to ...

  • Thanks for opening the case. I have replied to it, but will put my response here as well, in case others hit this issue. Michael did have the right idea. Per this technote, you can resolve this error by adding SE27394A to the groups db2iadm1 & dasadm1 ...

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  • The IBM i2 offering management and development team would like to share highlights of our 4Q18 release, available today, December 18: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis 2.2.1 – enhancements to i2 Connect data acquisition and ETL correlation, as well ...

  • We have recently launched the IBM i2 Community – a forum for i2 community members across Law Enforcement, National Security & Defense, Cyber Threat Hunting, Fraud Investigations and more – to discuss and contribute best practices and use case examples, ...

  • In June 2018, the IBM i2 team released a NEW data connectivity capability as part of our IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis product offering. i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis i2 Connect provides a connector framework which allows for the simple creation ...

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  • What’s New (June 2018)

    The IBM i2 team is thrilled to announce our 2Q18 releases, available on June 21!

    Key highlights:
    • New thin client for a new class of operational users: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Investigate Add On allows investigators and others to carry out quick target investigations with little training, exploring data in i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis' information store.
    • New ad hoc data connectivity: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis i2 Connect provides a simplified data connector creator. Using data connectors, analysts can search, fuse and visualize data from external data sources and then further analyze in a chart.
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