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This is a forum for i2 users across law enforcement, national security and defense, cyber threat hunting, fraud investigations and more – to discuss and contribute best practices and use case examples, as well as share other helpful information about the i2 portfolio.

We invite you to participate and ask you to contact Community Managers Jennifer Tullman-Botzer and Wendy Batten with any questions.

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  • Hello, all. Here is a link to a short "blog" entry in this Community on non-fee based i2 remote training options available from IBM: ...

  • Brigitte - speaking unofficially, as I'm not sure of the support state for Analyst's Notebook today - the technote I used was from 2 years ago - but I was able to use the Analyst's Notebook XML format to create charts from source data (I had a list of ...

  • Hello Brigitte. I can not help you, but coincidentally I have a question similar to yours, but instead of using MALTEGO files, my question is how to use CELLEBRITE files, which also come in .xml format. I would like to know if anyone knows how to import ...

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  • For those of you who might want to undertake remote training and get further skilled up on IBM i2, there are a number of places you can check out: IBM Support have a range of learning videos available on their very own i2 channel -> ...

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  • The IBM i2 courses have over 10,000 enrollments! So don't miss out on this free i2 learning available to you 24/7. Where do you start? Go to the IBM Security Learning Academy which provides micro-learning for all IBM Security products. All ...

  • With the 4Q19 (December) releases, IBM i2 continues to help accelerate analysis and intelligence production, including improved data fusion, enhanced geospatial capabilities and a new “360-view” capability with the IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis ...

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