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  • Just recognized our IBM veteran 'model' ;) is our i2 colleague @Frank Johnson . Thank you to all the i2 veterans for your service! Ibm IBM - Military and Veteran Talent Services - United States Military ...

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  • Thanks Jack and team. Tania Makins presented an overview of the Security Learning Academy to the S&S reps this morning and it, too, was excellent. Hope to drive more customers to the Academy. Appreciate your support! ------------------------------ Fran ...

  • Here are the new courses released in October 2018 for i2 products: i2 Analyst's Notebook and i2 Analyst's Notebook Premium i 2 Analyst's Notebook v9 - Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar i2 Analyst's Notebook v9 - Find Connecting Entities ...

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  • We have recently launched the IBM i2 Community – a forum for i2 community members across Law Enforcement, National Security & Defense, Cyber Threat Hunting, Fraud Investigations and more – to discuss and contribute best practices and use case examples, ...

  • In June 2018, the IBM i2 team released a NEW data connectivity capability as part of our IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis product offering. i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis i2 Connect provides a connector framework which allows for the simple creation ...

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  • What’s New (June 2018)

    The IBM i2 team is thrilled to announce our 2Q18 releases, available on June 21!

    Key highlights:
    • New thin client for a new class of operational users: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Investigate Add On allows investigators and others to carry out quick target investigations with little training, exploring data in i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis' information store.
    • New ad hoc data connectivity: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis i2 Connect provides a simplified data connector creator. Using data connectors, analysts can search, fuse and visualize data from external data sources and then further analyze in a chart.
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