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  • Ok! Good I guess! If I hear more I'll let you know Cheers, Mark ------------------------------ Mark Fleet ------------------------------

  • I tried it again, but this time what I changed was the format of the import file, that is, the import file I was using was .xls, but meanwhile I converted it to .txt. I don't know why, but in this format, Ibase Scheduler performed the import on the date ...

  • Hiya OK - I think you know as much as me then! I have one more idea so will look into that - I may try for IBM i2's help as it is something I need to fix on one of my databases (whereas the other one is working fine). I think it'll be a SQL Server permissions ...

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  • What’s new in the IBM i2 portfolio (December 2020)? With the 4Q20 releases, IBM i2 continues to help accelerate investigation, analysis and intelligence production, including new collaborative capabilities, additional flexibility for data acquisition, ...

  • Introducing IBM i2 iBase 9.0.0! This key, new release for i2 iBase customers delivers an updated user experience and performance improvements along with new and enhanced features. Specifically, 9.0.0 release highlights include: A modernized and ...

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