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  • Two newly released i2 virtual lab courses: IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis Investigate ( https://www.securitylearningacademy.com/course/view.php?id=4460 ) contains 2 videos and a virtual lab. Complete this course before December 30, ...

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  • New iBase Courses i2 iBase - Assign icons i2 iBase - Soft delete feature i2 iBase - Create multiple links Perform a silent installation for i2 iBase and its components New i2 Analyst's Notebook Courses i2 ...

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  • Until enhancements can be made you may place icons above repeated theme line labels to deliver the appearance of what you have asked. R, Frank ------------------------------ Frank Johnson ------------------------------

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  • We are excited to share that on September 24, 2019, IBM announced and made generally available a new software offering, IBM i2 Connect, which combines seamless connection to data sources with powerful, multi-dimensional visual analysis. i2 Connect ...

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  • With the 2Q19 (June) releases, IBM i2 continues to help accelerate analysis and intelligence production, including improved data fusion and geospatial capabilities, a new SQL deployment option and numerous usability enhancements. General availability ...

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  • Having worked in i2 since 2004, the customer challenges I enjoy the most are the ones that come out of left field. In this blog I will share with you a challenge I was recently presented from a Financial Services organization. ‘Can i2 be used for dependency ...

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