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Mac Full Disk Access

  • 1.  Mac Full Disk Access

    Posted 10 days ago
    Looking into deploying CrowdStrike via MaaS360 (Packager), just wondering if anyone has done this yet? The PC side of things is pretty straightforward, however Mac is a different beast. Now that the lastest OS requires setting full disk access for a range of software/utilities, how is that being addressed in MaaS360?? I don't see any new policy settings geared toward that yet, so can it be done via mobileconfig or something? There are also a couple of commands that need to be run post install to set the CID, curious to know if anyone has experience with that as well?

    Kelly Fields

  • 2.  RE: Mac Full Disk Access

    Posted 3 days ago

    Hi Kelly,

    The commands that need to be run - are they in the user context or device context?

    We can execute shell commands via our app catalog workflows as well as on individual devices.  We can also push down mobileconfig files if that makes life easier.  If you don't see the mobileconfig option in your policy, you can reach out to support or your account rep about having it enabled (it should be on by default, but there are some scenarios where it may not appear).

    Matt Shaver
    System Architect