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Behind the Scenes: Tech in the Cyber Range

  • 1.  Behind the Scenes: Tech in the Cyber Range

    Posted 30 days ago
    Edited by Jennifer Tullman-Botzer 30 days ago

    In any good machine, there are many quantifiable parts that make up the collective, often operating "behind the curtain" to make the process that people see on the surface appear seamless.

    Here at the IBM Command Center, we want to bring you into our world to show you "Behind the scenes: Tech in the Cyber Range." This video series will offer a unique perspective on the technologies that we deploy, implement, and integrate within the cyber range to make the Command Center Experience truly one of a kind.

    In each episode we will focus on a specific technology, offer some background to create a solid understanding of what it is, and explain how we use it in the cyber range to create security awareness for our clients and people alike.

    Tone Johnson
    IBM Security