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SCIM User Profile Attributes meanings

  • 1.  SCIM User Profile Attributes meanings

    Posted 6 days ago
    In this URL
    I can find the attributes that compose the user profile.
    Some of their meaning is quite obvious, but others are not. Where can I find the definition of each attribute, and how it is used by ISAM?

    If I want to extend the user profile attributes, by creating user-defined attributes, can I do it? how? For example Civil status, or Client Level.

    Joao Goncalves
    Pyxis, Lda.
    +351 91 721 4994

  • 2.  RE: SCIM User Profile Attributes meanings

    Posted 6 days ago

    Hi Joao,

    For the SCIM attribute names, the best places to consult are the SCIM RFCS:

    Specifically check out Section 4.1 "User" Resource Schema

    For the LDAP attribute names, that would be LDAP system specific, so you'll need to consult the LDAP vendor information there.

    As for adding new attributes, it is not currently possible to add new attribute names to the existing user profile schema. You can overload existing, unset attributes with your required LDAP data, however that isn't a very graceful workaround.

    I believe there is an RFE open for support of custom attributes, please feel free to vote on it so that we can prioritise adding that feature to the product.