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invalid profile

  • 1.  invalid profile

    Posted 6 days ago

    What are the key causes for an invalid Profile error when enrolling an iPad.

    I have an iPad Pro which I confirmed is in DEP and showing in MaaS.

    Upon activating it, after adding the WIFI network  etc. it goes directly to the Remote Management screen.  Clicking next it then shows the Invalid Profile Error.


    I have 3 of these and cannot sort out why this is happening.




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  • 2.  RE: invalid profile

    Posted 13 hours ago

    Most common causes are:

    APNS certificate expired

    DEP token expired or not syncing properly

    In some cases there are issues with the actual DEP profile itself and simply creating a new one and assigning it to those devices will resolve.

    We also sometimes see cases where the devices simply didn't catch what they needed to fast enough (in laymans terms) or cached some incorrect info and an iTunes restore will set it on the right path.  

    Very rarely is it something outside of the above, but when it is, it needs to be looked in to by our dev teams (and in some even more rare scenarios - Apples teams)

    Matt Shaver
    System Architect