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Several questions asked during today's webinar

  • 1.  Several questions asked during today's webinar

    Posted Wed June 03, 2020 12:34 PM

    Hi everyone 
    You will see posts in the next few days regarding our webinar today on ensuring you are getting the maximum value out of MaaS360. We had some questions that were in Chat which may not have been answered so posting here. If you have any further questions please let us know.

    1. Can this self-enrollment be limited to corporate? Meaning not have the employee owned (BYOD) option available? We had challenges in users choosing employee owned even when the device was corporate issued. Thank you.

    Ideally if you want to control the ability of users and enrollment you might want to 'take back' control over enrollment requests and only have them sent out by the administrator. Have a look at the page below regarding settings for Self Enrollment (where you could decide to switch it off). In addition to this, Ownership can be pre-populated (ie when you send out enrollment requests), or can be modified after enrollment if you know that a device given to the user by the organisation has been set to 'Employee Owned'.

    2. Here will be my question if it's not covered in the Preso:  I need to know how to approach this message: One or more of your Apple's Volume Purchase Plan configuration token has revoked. Update it soon to avoid app licensing issues for your end users. Learn More

    Please follow steps indicated on this section of our Knowledge Center:

    1. In the Secutiry Policy settings under the ActiveSync, you mentioned to leave the username and email address blank because the enrollment page will populate it based off the user's username and password. What my settings show is %email%. Should I remove it?

    [and also]

    When configuring mail client account settings, should I delete %email% in the username and email address? Or that should be fine?

    The answer lies in whether the username on the mailbox (eg Exchange) account is the same as the username in the portal. For example, if you have Microsoft Active Directory, and the username on Exchange has the same format, you can leave it in; otherwise you might eliminate it. If you're having issues please contact our Support team:

    1. When enrolling Android devices using Enterprise Android, it doesn't let you enroll the device without a Work Profile. Is there a way to fix this?

    Android Enterprise is another way of managing your devices for the organisation and replaces the traditional Device Management profile with an alternative from Google, which will be some form of work (corporate) profile, whether in Profile Owner or Device Owner mode, or Work Profile. Even if you enroll devices in Device Administrator mode (the older non-Android Enterprise way), it still creates a corporate profile on the device. Please check out our documentation:

    Eamonn O'Mahony
    Technical Account Manager
    IBM Ireland

  • 2.  RE: Several questions asked during today's webinar

    Posted Wed June 03, 2020 02:42 PM
    Thanks, Eamonn this is great information to share with our members and appreciated.

    Wendy Batten
    Community Manager
    IBM Security
    Cambridge MA