How to Secure the New Digital Economy with IBM Hyper Protect, Simon Olsen & Peter DeMeo [Video + Slide Deck] 

Sun October 18, 2020 07:31 AM

Digital assets are on the march to become a number one business opportunity. We are not just talking about bitcoins - imagine a world with tokenized digital assets worth more than 24 trillion USD!

While many central banks have started to develop digital cryptocurrencies too. On the one hand, a digital representation of goods or funds can be traded and processed much easier and faster - but on the other hand, this business requires advanced and proven security solutions. After all, customers tend to be quite unforgiving if their tokens are gone at the next log on.

IBM LinuxONE or IBM Z is IBM’s premium server infrastructure for creating such secure environments, in particular in combination with IBM Hyper Protect - be it on premises or in the IBM Cloud. Some of the world’s leading Digital Asset service providers rely on it - and they are expanding globally to offer their services.

Over recent weeks, the IBM Hyper Protect team from Switzerland worked together with the IBM Innovation Center in Warsaw to create a demo environment on IBM Z and we will show the fundamental concepts around it. This session will also address the new digital economy, the challenges protecting it, and how IBM's offerings can play a substantial role to securely process & store digital assets for your customers.


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