Hyper Protect Virtual Server in Action, Corentin Grard [Video + Slide Deck] 

Sun October 18, 2020 05:14 AM

Security and data protection are two of the biggest inhibitors to organizations that are moving sensitive data and applications to the cloud. To address these concerns, IBM introduced the IBM Hyper Protect Services. IBM Hyper Protect Virtual Servers (HPVS) on-premises is a virtualization platform that protects and hosts Linux container workloads on IBM Z and LinuxONE servers throughout their lifecycle, build, management, and deployment phases. During this session, you will learn how HPVS protects your workloads.

In this session Corentin Grard demos the different steps needed to build and deploy a banking application in our MPLbank showcase. All along the presentation and demo, the speaker will emphasize the different security paint points resolved by the HPVS appliance: workload isolation, tamper protection from privileged user access, and encryption of all data at-rest and in-flight.


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