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#BeyondTheDSMGuide QRadar Resource Round Up

By Wendy Willner posted Thu March 11, 2021 02:32 PM


Hi QRadar Community,

I just have a short but important one for you today! 

When engaging with the IBM Security QRadar ecosystem of our customers, partners and IBMers, I'm often asked for links to all sorts of different resources. So I have compiled a round-up of the IBM Security resources that I leverage most often.

Hope this is helpful! Check them out!

Wendy's favorite resources:

  1. List of all supported QRadar Integrations: Here
    • Complete list of every QRadar integrations supported “out of the box”.
  2. IBM Security Intelligence Github: Here
    • Contains links to “Workflows” which are XMLs to be used for ingesting data into QRadar.
  3. Jose Bravo YouTube Series: Here
    • Excellent technical walk-throughs.
  4. Mike Winkler Video Series: Here
    • Fantastic Security Strategy Walkthroughs.
  5. IBM Security App Exchange: Here
    • Link to access all of the value-added applications for QRadar users.
  6. IBM Security Learning Academy: Here
    • Self-paced product specific courses.
  7. QRadar 101: Here
    • Ton of helpful info.
  8. IBM Security QRadar Blogs: Here
    • Compilation of all QRadar Community Blogs.
  9. Fix Central: Here
    • Location to download QRadar software and patches.
  10. IBM Security QRadar Documentation: Here
    • Everything you need to know!


Happy Reading!


Wendy Willner

Offering Manager, QRadar