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Welcome to October! It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month and it is all about AI!

By Wendy Batten posted Thu October 05, 2023 08:27 AM


Stay Informed with IBM Security

October has arrived, and with it comes an important reminder that cybersecurity should always be at the forefront of our digital lives. October is recognized as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a time dedicated to educating individuals and organizations about the ever-evolving landscape of online security threats and best practices. In this blog post, we'll highlight the significance of this month and share the latest announcements, updates, and information from IBM Security. Make sure to bookmark this blog as I will be updating it weekly. It is all about AI!

Oct 4th: October marks the 20th edition of  #cybersecurityawareness
Hear our valued customer and industry stalwart, Mahesh Ramamoorthy, CIO, YES BANK, share how and why IBM solutions are an indispensable part of their cybersecurity strategy. Discover how QRadar is revolutionizing cybersecurity by accelerating the response time using advanced AI and automation and an open platform.

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Oct 5th: IBM Announces New AI-Powered Threat Detection and Response Services

"By combining advanced analytics and real-time threat intelligence with human expertise, IBM's new Threat Detection and Response Services can augment organization's security defenses with a capability that is scalable, continuously improving and strong enough for tomorrow's threats." Chris McCurdy, General Manager, Worldwide IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services.

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Community Blog by John Velisaris, Associate Partner, Security Services

Oct 10th:
The CEO’s guide to generative AI
"60% of organizations are not yet developing a consistent, enterprise-wide approach to generative AI." What will help CEOs accelerate the adoption of generative AI? How can they scale safely and responsibly?

The CEO’s guide to generative AI
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Discussion Post from John Dwyer, Head of X-Force Research

Oct 17th: Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month - Announcing IBM Z MFA 2.3!
" This October marks the twentieth annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, originally launched in 2004 by the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Just a few months earlier, your humble author joined Rocket Software, where I logged on to TSO for the very first time."

Read this blog by Jared Hunter of Rocket Software

Data in the Cloud
"In today’s digital-first world, your business is collecting data from customers daily. As your customers interact with your products and services through their smart devices, huge volumes of data are being created every minute of the day. This data maybe stored on the cloud or on-premises, and then used and analyzed via technologies such as AI for critical decision-making. Therefore, it is important for your business to understand the lifecycle of such data and how it evolves over the course of its journey, to be able to implement robust data privacy and data security mechanisms."
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Oct 24th: AI vs. human deceit: Unravelling the new age of phishing tactics
"In this blog, we’ll detail how the AI prompts were created, how the test was conducted and what this means for social engineering attacks today and tomorrow."
Read the blog: AI vs. human deceit: Unravelling the new age of phishing tactics

Oct 25th: 
IBM Security QRadar EDR on-premises provides organizations with freedom of deployment
"Big milestone today for QRadar EDR (EDRFKA ReaQta) with the availability of the solution as software on the QRadar Suite common, cloud-native, platform. Not only does this mean QRadar EDR can be installed on-premise and in the cloud, but it is also a big step towards a complete and integrated Threat Detection and Response (TDR) solution bringing together EDR, SIEM, SOAR, and ASM all on one unified platform and UX." Chris Meenan, VP Product Development, Threat Management

Read the blog here:  IBM Security QRadar EDR on-premises provides organizations with freedom of deployment

Oct 27th: Sutherland Global Services reduced mean time to detect (MTTD) from days or weeks to just hours.
Learn how Sutherland utilized automation and AI in IBM’s QRadar Suite to enable faster, more targeted, and more effective threat response.
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Nov 1: Securing GenAI
What are the threats to generative AI and what can you do about them? Here’s a lightboard video where I talk about some of the issues involved in securing generative AI
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of online security. As you navigate the digital landscape, it's essential to stay informed and take proactive steps to protect yourself and your organization. This blog will be a valuable resource at your fingertips to access the latest announcements, updates, and information from the our IBM Security experts