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How Log4j Vulnerability Could Impact You

By Wendy Batten posted Mon December 13, 2021 02:26 PM


How Log4j Vulnerability Could Impact You

Dec 13, 2021
Blog Authored by:
Daniel Crowley co-authored by David Byrne, Nick Rossmann

If you hadn’t heard of Apache Log4j, chances are it’s on your radar now. In fact, you may have been using it for years. Log4j is a logging library. Imagine writing your daily activities into a notebook. That notebook is Log4j. Developers and programmers use it to take notes about what’s happening on applications and servers. For example, they may use it to troubleshoot a security incident, like if someone were to log into an application with the wrong password. Log4j might be used to record when the person logged in, to which application and the password they used.

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