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Zebra OS13 OEM Config Support

By Vivek Ramasamy posted Wed April 10, 2024 03:34 AM


Authors: @Mohammed Daoud and @Vivek Ramasamy


Administrators can use Android OEMConfig to remotely deploy OEM (Original equipment manufacturer)-specific settings to the managed devices.
OEMConfig is an Android standard that allows device manufacturers to create custom OEM-specific settings for Android Enterprise devices. MaaS360 uses OEMConfig apps built by device manufacturers to deploy advanced device configuration settings that are not natively available in the MaaS360 Portal.

About Zebra OEMConfig

Zebra OEMConfig serves as an administrative tool designed for the setup of Zebra Android devices through the utilization of Android Managed Configurations. When configuring a feature without an Android Enterprise API, the sole method accessible is through Managed Configurations, relying on specifications publicly provided by Google and the Android community.

OEMConfig seamlessly integrates with Zebra's Mobility Extensions Management System, commonly referred to as MX. This system operates on an XML-based communication framework, overseeing the management of capabilities and behaviors inherent to Zebra Android devices.

For Android 11 and later version Zebra has released a new OEM Config app called Zebra OEMConfig Powered by MX, this new app adheres to Google’s policy ensuring only one policy is published to the device. It also provides support for Google’s feedback channel for.MaaS360 provides complete support for new Zebra OEM with easy and minimal steps.

Android OS version and support

OEM Config App

Android 10 and below

Android 11

Android 13 and above

Zebra OEM Config Powered by MX




Legacy Zebra OEMConfig




It is important to note that Zebra does not support Android 12.

Steps to Configure

Security -> OEMConfig -> Add Configuration -> OEM Config Name (Give desired name) -> Search for Zebra in ’Choose OEM application you wish to configure’ (Its list the new OEM Config with following name ‘Zebra OEM Config powered by MX‘

Before publish you can decide the distribution of devices or after published successfully it will available in the app catalog. From there like normal app how distribution can be done follow the same steps.

Step 1 - Select OEMConfig:

Step 2 - Add Configuration:

Step 3 - Search and Add Zebra OEM Config:

Step 4 - Distribute and publish config:

Step 5 - Edit the created/existing zebra config via:

App Catalog -> Zebra OEM Config Powered by MX -> In App Over view, scroll to ‘App Configuration’ -> Edit the required configuration and publish it again

Details about each Zebra configuration:

Enhancements over legacy app:

  • Pre-grant, pre-deny or defer to the user access to "Dangerous Permissions"
  • Allow the Android system to automatically control permission to seldom-used apps
  • Network Connection Manager is a NEW CSP that allows an administrator to set preferences for connecting to cellular (WWAN) and Wi-Fi (WLAN) networks to help ensure that devices use the optimal network at all times
  • Power Manager adds the ability to:  Set Recovery Mode Access to features that could compromise a device
  • UI Manager adds the ability to:      

                   Turn on/off Do Not Disturb mode on a device

                   Enable/disable Inter-app sharing on a device

                   Enable/disable configuration of Accessibility options, which can help simplify device usage for those with physical and/or visual impairments

                  Show/hide Immersive Mode pop-up warning o Configure Touch-and-Hold delay for key long-presses

                  Create Workflows to auto-launch one or more apps

                  Allocate screen-sharing percentage for Workflow apps

  • Wi-Fi adds the ability to:

                  Allow an administrator to select the FTM intervals, a preference for the frequency of updates to the Fine Timing Measurement Location on a device

  • Supports configuring license before applying licensed features on Professional-series devices
  • Supports setting locked orientation positions by switching “auto rotate” to “manual” mode.
  • Supports disabling of application from battery optimisation.
  • Support for airplane mode timer has been discontinued.

In summary,

  • Provides advanced management capabilities and granular control over the devices.
  • Zero-day support for new capabilities provided by the device manufacturer (OEM). New features, updates, and bug fixes are deployed as soon as they are made available by the device manufacturers without having to wait for upgrades to the MaaS360 agent app.
  • Provides a consolidated and standardized way to configure device settings.
  • Settings on the device are executed by the OEMConfig app, instead of the MaaS360 agent app.

Zebra's latest OEMConfig app, powered by MX, simplifies the setup of Zebra Android devices, ensuring compliance with Google's policies. With features like streamlined permission management, network preference settings, and user interface enhancements, it offers administrators efficient control. Stay updated with the latest advancements and optimize your Zebra devices with ease using Zebra OEMConfig Powered by MX with MaaS360.