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Introduction to Converge Technology Solutions, IBM Guardium's Premier Partner and Service Provider!

By Victoria Pena posted Mon September 12, 2022 10:57 AM


Introduction to Converge Technology Solutions, IBM Guardium's Premier Partner and Service Provider! 


Hello to the Guardium user community! We are excited to introduce ourselves. Converge Technology Solutions is an IT Solutions provider focused on delivering industry-leading solutions and services. 


Our Data Security practice is focused on helping companies improve enterprise data management. With domain experts in the areas of data security, data privacy and data lifecycle management, our team has the skills and experience required to help clients drive cost reduction and risk mitigation in their enterprises. This is done through our professional and managed service offerings supporting IBM Guardium.


We have:

  • The first of its kind Hosted and Managed Guardium Insights Service
  • Decades of domain experience 
  • 10+ dedicated Data Security engineers
  • Hundreds of clients in all sectors
  • Certified compliance consultants 


You may be wondering why we're here taking the time to write this blog. Well… given our team spends 100% of our 9-5 working with Guardium clients, we have an ongoing knowledge base we would love to share with the broader Guardium community.


Once a month, you'll be hearing from one of our Guardium experts summarizing what the team learned this month. This includes key lessons from things like troubleshooting issues, creating custom reports, installations and tricks you can deploy in making Guardium more efficient and effective.


We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention our team is actively hiring. If you or anyone on your team has ever wanted to be on the consulting and service provider side of the house, please send us a message! 


Thanks for taking the time to stop by and learn about what we have to offer, we look forward to creating more posts and hearing feedback from the broader community.


 Victoria Peña
Cybersecurity Specialist
Converge Technology Solutions Corp.